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On 12/28/2020 at 6:26 AM, menoratse said:

The focus ring on my Fuji X-A3 has stopped responding. No matter how much I turn the ring, the display still shows F 0.0. 

What can I do?


try removing the lens and mounting it again ! , movement in contact between lens and body sometimes cause this . i hope it helps . have a nice day !

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22 minutes ago, menoratse said:

Thanks, but I've already tried that multiple times.

Also, when the lens is mounted, the zoom works (indicating that there is a connection between the camera and the lens) but the focus ring doesnt.

then i guess , it's better to contact fujifilm service .and let them check if there is any manufacturing defects ,in that case they'll fix it or replace it . i hope this helps . have a nice day !

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Something else is going on ... The F number is telling you what the aperture setting is, not what the focus is. If you are using a lens without an aperture ring, you have to set the aperture ( F number ) by way of changing a menu setting, not by twisting the focus ring. Also, if you have the camera set to auto focus, twisting the focus ring will not do much.

Which lens are you using?

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Hi Jerryy, 

The F number usually changes when I readjust the focus ring, so I've come to associate the two. Thanks! Learned something new today 😃

I'm using the standard lens that came with the camera, this is printed around the lens:

"Fujinon Aspherical Lense, Super EBC XC 16-50mm 1:3.5-5.6OIS II 58-diameter"


If it is a menu setting, do I just look for aperture settings?

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That lens does not have an aperture ring, the f-stop has to be changed using a different method.

What you were seeing is because the lens is a variable aperture type that had its f-stop set using, probably, the auto setting from the body, As the zoom changed, the exposure changed and the camera reacted by changing the f-stop.


This may help, I do not have a manual for the X-A3 handy, so I am not certain how to tell you to navigate all of the menus to find all of the setting that apply to aperture and exposure and dig out which one got changed to cause what you are seeing. Advising a full reset may fix the current issue, but not give you an idea about how to stop it from happening again.


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