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GFX50S, problem with Dual Hot Shoe Flash Speedlite Bracket Splitter


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Today I put a Dual Hot Shoe Flash Speedlite Bracket Splitter on the hot shoe of my GFX50S and now it cannot be removed. It doesn't come off any more. I don't want to use force to avoid damaging the camera, it's very annoying. I had used the splitter on the X-H1 and on the X-T2 without any problems. Does anyone know the problem here by any chance? Otherwise I'll have to contact Fuji support after the holidays ...

Greetings, Ludwig


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I contacted the Fujifilm support in Germany, the problem is apparently known. The flash shoe on the GFX50S (on the camera body, when the viewfinder is removed) is not identical to the flash shoe on the viewfinder, so no trigger, splitter or similar should be used here, as there is a risk that it cannot be removed, as in my case. Now I have sent the camera in and I hope to get it back soon so that I can work with it again. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned anywhere in the manual. But maybe one or the other will benefit from my experience.

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