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another q menu problem

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I changed the sharpness value in my q menu but after fiddling with it, as you can see, it now appears 3 times, and 2 previous items are missing.

As previously suggested, I went to: Menu => Wrench, Set Up => Button/Dial Setting => Edit/Save Quick Menu.

However, this did not help. Any help would be appreciated.



q menu problem.JPG

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Have the camera ready in shooting mode (musn't be set to video as that is a separate Q menu).

Long press the Q menu button until the menu comes up in edit mode.

Use the joystick to position the cursor over each item you want to change and press the joystick (you will see the menu of Q menu items and be able to scroll and change to the one you want)

When you have the Q menu looking the way you want use the Disp Back button to return to shooting mode.

The Q menu should now be changed.

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12 hours ago, Broughie said:

Thanks, I've tried this and my Q settings changes simply will not save. Is there something I'm missing or does my camera have a fault?


Are you trying to change the value of the existing settings or change which functions form part of the Q menu?

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