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Photos missing from sd card - but show up on/in camera.


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I just received an X-T3 and put my card from my X-T1 in it.

Card is a Lexar Professional 2000x 32GB.

After taking photos with the X-T3, they are visible in camera but not on my computer A (openSUSE Leap 15.2)

I installed the silkypix RAW converter on computer B (OSX 10.11)

Computer B could see all the X-T3 images.

So curious I went back to computer A and selected the folder properties - show hidden files. Now I can see all the images with computer A also. Why is my X-T3 camera saving the images as hidden files?

If you need to download some software that a company such as Fuji only provides the link to the latest version. Try using the 'way back machine' at archive.org. In my case they had no copy of the old software but it was possible to copy the link to where it was. Using the URL to the fuji site I could download the old version of the software from the Fuji website. The old versions are there but you cannot just guess the name of the file to download it! Nor did I have success with an advanced google search. The folder containing the software version has an encoded name that you will never guess. So use the time machine and go back a year and see what the folder was called a year ago!

Anyone who thinks time machines are just imaginary go to archive.org it is amazing.

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If anyone is following this thread and have the problem that only the first 4096 files are visible on a Mac (or possibly some varieties of Linux) - there appears to be a  Fujifilm firmware bug.

A workaround (until Fujifilm fixes the problem) is to open the card in Finder and click on one of the jpg files so that it appears in Preview - that should fix the directory and the remaining files should be visible.

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