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Fujifilm Camera Forgets Settings

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After a few years of drooling over the Fujifilm X-series cameras, I finally took the plunge and bought a used X-E2S in great condition. It only has about 6,000 clicks and came with the latest firmware version. 
I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the camera seems to forget settings and even function assignments. For example, I set my focus assist to Focus Peak Highlight Red (High), but sometimes when I turn off the camera it will revert to Standard when I want to start shooting again. If I go back to the menu, focus peaking will still be selected and the setting is restored when I return to shooting. This has happened with some other settings, too. 
I also had an issue with the Fn button, which is set to Wi-Fi as the default factory setting. I had changed it to ISO. It has worked nearly every time, but I just had an issue where I pressed it and it reverted back to Wi-Fi, and then on all subsequent attempts it was back to ISO.
Has anyone else had these types of issues? How can this be fixed?
I appreciate any help you all can offer. I bought this from a reputable online retailer, and I have two weeks to return it for a refund. I want to love this camera, but this is gonna be a dealbreaker for me if this is how it’s gonna be. 
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It's probably the built-in battery that needs replacement. Not the main one that you remove and charge, but the one built-in that powers the memory in the camera. Long periods of inactive storage with drained main batteries may affect the quality of this back-up battery. The retailer where you bought the camera should be able to replace it, or otherwise a camera repair shop.

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    • Welcome to our forum!
    • Hi Chris, I've had the same experience with my 15mm 4.5f Voigtlander. VERY soft images outside the center, moved on to the Fujinon 18mm 2f and perfectly happy. Cheers,
    • mornin' every one,  New to the forum and the X system. Camera collector since the '90s. I've been swapping old "analogic" stuff for "old" digital stuff. So I ended up with a X-T1 and a X-Pro1, with 27mm and 18mm (small ) and a few adapters to play with the Legacy lenses. Still adapting to the mirrorless ecosystem 😞 Meh...!
    • I am thinking of adapting my sigma 17-50 f2.8 canon ef-s lens on Fuji xt3 via a viltrox speed booster. My biggest confusion is that will this effect focal length and light gathering of my lens?  An speed booster does so when adapting full frame lens on APS-C bodies. But what if I want to adapt an APS-C Lens on another APS-C body via an speed booster? 
    • Hi Jozzef, same with my one. The pictures at 16mm are not as sharp, as they should be. I given the lens back. Others say it is a good universal lens. Maybe some has problems from production side? 
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