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I have just collected my new Fuji X-S10 camera and was concerned about the software to use.

I moved from Lightroom to ACDSee Ultimate back in 2010 but realised a change was needed for Fuji. I tested out the fuji recommended free software (silkypix and Capture One) and decided to give Capture One a try. However after an email to them Capture One could not say when they would support the X-S10.

I then found On1 had already incorporated the X-S10 into its 2021 version. 

I purchased it and am pleased with it so far. 

The results are as good or better than the results I got using the Capture One trial.

I would love to hear of other peoples experience of this software, if there are any.


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I've been meaning to try ON1 again, but my 3 to 6 emails a day from them turn me off BIG TIME!!  It's been a couple years since I tried the software and at that time I judged them good, but mediocre.  Since then I have seen some aggressive changes and improvements from them in the media and been thinking about trying it out again, I just don't want the spam to jump to 12+ emails a day!!!!!

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Well Lumens, I have had On1 for a week now and had no spam emails. But On1 2021 works beautifully. I am thoroughly enjoying using it and my X-S10 images are looking great.

Being new to Fuji I am pleasantly surprised at how good the jpegs are.

Thanks, Dave.

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