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4K YT Series Shot With GFX-100

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Hello everyone! Here's our Youtube series about dogs, food, and family, shot partially on Fuji!  It's cooking guides, but meant more to be consumed as *art.*  There's stop-motion animation of hand painted stuff and other wacky shit we decided to full send it on.
Oh -- This episode was filmed primarily on my GFX-100!  I fell in love the moment I discovered this camera.  I shoot photo and video, and when I saw Fuji released a box that could do weird over the top things, I had to have it!  So we said "let's try shooting an episode with it at 400mb/s in 17:9 DCI," and we did!  Some of the scenes are with our alpha 9, and you can see how that camera zings in the low light, but as many reviewers have said, get the GFX in a "studio" and it just paints the colors so authentically.  Feel free to add questions or advice -- we love both.
Next episode coming (kind of) soon.  Please consider subscribing<3


PS  is there a way to raise the 1gb file limit?  Would love to upload some photos.


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