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Some Questions about Switching to the X-T4

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I am shooting with Nikon (D5600 and D7500), not professionally, and currently considering switching to the Fuji X-T4 or X-S10. For travel, I mostly take the D5600 plus the excellent Sigma Contemporary 17-70. Currently, I have rented a Fuji X-T4 with a 16-80 which looks like a good replacement. A very good argument is the IBIS which is two stops better than the one in the Sigma. I also like the quiet shutter with its high speed. However, I have some questions and need a bit of a push.

  • In the ads, Fuji is not addressing me. I almost never make videos and I shoot RAW. So the wonderful 4k video world and the film simulations are not for me. On the contrary, I discovered that Lightroom Classic 10 doesn't even officially support the X-T4. The embedded lens corrections seem to be applied correctly, but I am not sure. Other consequence of this marketing strategy: The Q menu shows film simulations and not the stuff that I'd like to change easily, and RAW shooting does only embed low quality images and makes 100% viewing impossible. I need to shoot RAW+FINE to get this. So, should I even consider the Fuji for my style of RAW and Lightroom photography?
  • For the travel, I'd prefer the X-S10 because it is smaller and lighter and has a better grip. The interface concept of the X-T4 versus X-S10, being flexible enough to learn new tricks. From the information I see, my main concern is the tiny battery. But I think I need one or two extra batteries anyway. Is there a charger for those that works from USB? And how is the built quality compared to the X-T4?
  • I tried to find a direct comparison of the Sigma C 17-70 and the Fuji 16-80, but did not find any. From my experience so far, they seem to be on par. But is that really true when looking closer? Also, I looked at fixed lenses. I have a relatively cheap Nikon 40 mm Macro which is amazingly sharp. I also have an affordable Nikon 70-300 which is very good from 70-120 mm. The comparable Fuji lenses are much more expensive or way worse at least in the tests. Is this really true? Note, that I do not use the macro or the long lens often. So, spending money on it is not worth the effort. Indeed, it might be a good idea to keep the 5600 just to use those lenses.
  • Is it true that the internal flash of the X-S10 can be used for lightning system à la Nikon to steer external flashes? And what would I need to mimic that on the X-T4?

Thanks for any reply that helps me make my decisions. After all, the Fuji cameras are quite expensive. I can get a D500 or even a Nikon Z full format for less money. But the travel lenses for the full format cameras like Sony or Nikon Z are not good enough. So I want to stick with APS-C.


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Forget this. I decided to stay with Nikon and upgrade to D500 or use a D7500. I lose the wonderful IBIS and some Megapixel, I know, and the lightweight X-S10 which would have been ideal for travel. But the images that I compared are no better, and do not justify the difference in price and losing my other Nikon equipment. Furthermore, I cannot stand the electronic viewfinder. The world looks so different and the images look a lot different. Then there is the terrible placement of the strap holders which are in the way for the display swivel and even the card removal and the loading USB. I also ended up to prefer the way the settings are done in Nikon. The battery life is double or triple with the optical viewfinder. Finally, the review is much slower and deleting an image requires three key presses. The things that count FOR ME keep me from switching. Your mileage may vary.

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