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How to send feature request to fuji webCam X?

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I tested a bit webCam X, but it had a lots' of room for improvment.
i had x-t4 but ... seems that i connected my old fujifilm s7000 (year 2005 when fuji allow people to use their bridge like webcam).

  • we need more resolution, actually is embarassing to have so low resolution, especially that i connected by usb 3.2 connection, internal it had a encoder hardware for h264/265)
  • please enable video mode, to use noise reduction and more features from video mode
  • add ability to change Iso, speed, iris from interface, it's annoing to change gears position, turno off, turn on to see the update
  • Also if enabled usb powering not work, i verified to use a usb poweed, i enable in menu, but camera stop to work after same time of battery only using.

i search on web fuji but i not founded where to send it.

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    • What are you using for RAW development?  Lightroom is known for having problems with Fuji files. 
    • Before I changed to Fuji, I used a Canon camera (EOS 5D Mark III), mostly with a L lens. Now I am using different Fujix cameras with different, mostly high quality lenses. I do no regret the change to Fuji at all. But...when I compare pictures taken with Fuji camera and Fuji lenses to photos taken with Canon lenses, I always thinks that the photos taken with Canon are much crisper and sharper. Even now, when I am using sometimes my Canon M6 Mk II with the 15 - 45 lens, these photos look much sharper than with a high quality Fuji lens. Why is that? Does somebody else made this experience?
    • I like to set my min. shutter speed to 1/1000th of a second on my sony when shooting street in auto ISO. But it appears there is no option to go higher than 1/500th on my Fuji. This is quite perplexing to me. Obviously the camera is capable of higher shutter speeds. Why this limitation? Is there a way around this?? 
    • I actually shipped my camera to Fuji Service Center in NJ, after several calls they told me I will need my shutter to be replaced (which will cost me $270 as it's out of warranty). I'm really not quite sure if it's the shutter issue as for my case the camera works fine without the flashlight, and I actually tried my friend's Fuji XT3 camera using the same Godox flash settings and his camera experienced the same lock up issue as well. I ended up not proceeding with the fix. But this lock up issue remains unsolved. 
    • Hi Fathom: I called Fuji tech support in the US.  They told be they were unaware of a lock-up issue with firmware version 4.00.  Hmmm. Based on your comments and others on this thread there is going to being mounting evidence that firmware 4.0 is causing lock-up issues on the X-T3 that were not there with previous firmware releases.  Everyone on this forum that are having lock-up issues with their X-T3 and firmware release 4.00 need to report what is going on to Fuji so they can get this fixed. Don Barar
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