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Do Discounts Mean Update Soon?

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The current substantial discount of $1000 for the GFX 50R might seem to indicate an update to the rangefinder-style MF camera is in the near future. For someone who is seriously contemplating purchasing a GFX 50R I wonder if this is the time to pull the trigger or wait for a new model that might be in the offing. Any rumors along those lines?

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There are indeed rumors about a new version of the GFX50. Both R as well as S. The R hasn’t been as successful as Fujifilm had hoped for, hence the early price reductions. Bear in mind that the GFX was intended to capture part of the full-frame market. After  initial praise and good sales, the numbers dropped quickly. Depending on the market, the price of the R has been reduced in steps by $1500-$2000 since introduction. Professional photographers mostly prefer the S model with the ability to mount a tilting viewfinder. and a grip. Hence the prices of the S remained high for a longer period.

The 51MP sensor from Sony is a previous generation sensor compared to the 102MP Sony sensor in the GFX100. The newer sensor has phase- and contrast detection AF whereas the 51MP sensor only has contrast detection. The result is a slower AF, that’s less decisive and doesn’t perform as well in low light conditions. Another feature that is expected in the sucessor of the R and the S models, is IBIS. That works so well in the GFX100. I guess both features are regarded essential in bringing over more full-frame users to the GFX platform.

However, when you like the GFX50 this is the time for a good deal. Next to the rebates on the R and the free grip for the S, there’s still the trade-in premium for a full-frame camera. I know people who bought a beat-up 5D mark I, just to collect the extra premium. In case you haven’t used a GFX50R before, I recommend you rent one for a day or two first to see if it really fits your workflow.

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