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XT4 Firmware


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Fix the autofocus in video.  Thomas Heaton (landscape photographer/blogger) commented when he reviewed the camera that they ought to sell it with a Bow and Arrow because it likes to Hunt (he likes the camera otherwise).  For stills it's pretty good but for video it keeps doing this thing where it loses faith in its own ability and suddenly rechecks focus by tuning out and back.  On some lenses (Viltrox 33mm) it makes it virtually unusable

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Look trough Pal2tech videos on Youtube, on X-T4 and some other videos he has also. He mention some buggs in X-T4 that should be corrected. I think they should offer an OLED display instead of the outdated LCD (stone age...), regarding hardware side. As enhancements via firmware other then fixing the kown bugs I can not think of anything right now but maybe some feature could be moved over from Fujifilm high end cameras to X-T4 also (it is on the edge to a high end camera, for me at least, I have X-T4).
I guess IBIS can be improved even more, can not hurt. But IBIS is probably very good already.

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