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X T3 won't record at 4K


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Hi all, I am entirely new to the forum, and not very experienced with the Fujifilm X T3 yet. When I attempt to record in 4K, the camera does not react to my pressing the record button. I have a proper SD card for it (SanDisk Extreme Pro, 128 GB, V30, 170 MB/s), and it makes no difference if I change codec settings to H.264 or H.265.
Firmware is at least semi up to date (updated 2 months ago).

How can I troubleshoot this? What have I not understood?

Thank you in advance for helping me out - and apologies for the absolute beginner's question.

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You could try resetting your camera to start with then you know you haven't selected some sub option somewhere that is limiting your options.  It won't backdate firmware versions when you do this so it's quite safe.  If you then decide to reprogram buttons and stuff, you can keep a record of this using the Fuji X Acquire software apparently.  Also no harm in downloading the latest firmware (although I don't think it will make a difference with this) - I believe there has  just been a firmware update for focussing on XT3.

However I'm wondering if your SD card has something to do with it - you mention V30, 170Mbs.  I think their manual states:

  • The camera can be used with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. Both the UHS-I and UHS-II bus interfaces are supported.
  • UHS-II cards are recommended for high-speed burst photography.
  • Use cards with a video speed class of V60 or better to record movies at a bit rate of 400 Mbps. To record movies with lower bit rates, use cards with a UHS speed class of 3 or better or a video speed class of V30 or better.

 If you can get it to record HD video, but not 4k, it could be that your SD card isn't fast enough to record video at the highest bit rate.  You could try to select a lower bit rate - I'm feeling my way a bit here because I've not got exactly the same camera (X-T4) but try this.

In the Movie menu check the Movie Compression is Long GOP (if it's All intra it doesn't seem to allow you to select a lower bitrate for 4K)

In the Movie Mode, select 4k but try to change the bitrate from 400 down to 200mbs

File format I think you can pick either H264 or H265.

Would be interested to see if that fixes it.  Suggest you do all of this before uprating your SD card because all of the above steps are free!


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