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Laowa 17mm F4 for the GFX


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Hey everyone,  Hope everyone is safe and well.  I'd like to know if anyone here has any experience with the Laowa 17mm F4 for the GFX system.  I'd like to know how it would handle on my 50R.  I've been looking at the Laowa in order to save about a grand over the 23mm Fuji lens.  Any input is appreciated.

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    • By YOUTA
      I was imagining if ,fujifilm itself or any third parties ,make a auto focusing speedbooster to use fujifilm gfx lenses on fujifilm x series camera's !! . i might sound stupid , but actually it has great benefits in many area's . people who own x series and gfx series ,don't have to buy different lenses . also the camera industry is slowly shifting to medium format from full frame , so we will start seeing speedbooster for gfx lenses to different fullframe mount's of other manufacturer cameras too . so what do you think about this ? ,let's us all share our opinion's here ! about this , so maybe this might lead to a speedbooster ,like we said ! ,from fujifilm or third parties !! ,since many are using gfx camera's these day's ,who also has a x series body with them . so share your opinion's about this here , have a nice day !
    • By jw432
      Does anyone know if Fuji will be producing a Medium Format BI-CMOS anytime in the near future?  The GFX 50R looks like a sweet camera but has the older non BI CMOS and I shoot a lot in very low light so a BI-CMOS is of interest.
    • By Sebastian_Warneke
      Hey guys,
      while I'm searching for shift lenses/adapters for the Fuji system I found this "special" adapter:

      Does anyone know this? There are three different adapters which work with it, the shown for the Pentax 645, a Mamiya 645 adapter and a Hasselblad V adapter.
      The price on this website is very high - you can get it on Amazon or eBay for around 260€.
      I'm really interested to try this, but I'm not sure which medium format adapter I should choose - I can remember I read really good things about the Pentax wide angle lenses, but I really can't remember if it was about the 645 system.
      Maybe some one of you have experiences with one of the systems or with this kind of adapter
    • By lauriebrett
      A few images taken using the Lee filter system (full size) on my XF14mm lens have featured a curious semicircular artefact. I thought at first it was flare but on closer inspection I've realised it is reflections of the lettering on the front lens flange. An example is attached - I've bumped up the contrast to make them more obvious.
      There is (hopefully) an easy fix to this. I've applied some black tape to cover up the white letters. Checking through there EVF this seems effective but I'll try it on my next shoot and see how it goes. I haven't seen the problem with my other Fujifilm lenses (18-135 and 35 f1.4).
      If anyone has encountered it before I'd like to hear their experiences and fixes if appropriate.

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