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The Forgotten XT30

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Have Fuji forgotten the XT30? The XT3 got an update that allowed it to be used as a web cam, its just had another update to upgrade its focus performance to XT4  levels. I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed with Nikon or gone for a Sony. Having said that, Fuji's own XS-10 looks great. Why would anyone buy an XT30 now? it seems suddenly very old and unattractive.

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This is precisely the issue that Fujifilm should fear with their current release policy. Welcome to the world of many X-H1 early buyers who paid a premium price for the flagship model only to find out it was undermined by Fujifilm's release policy just a few months later. No significant firmware updates anymore, topped-up by a price cut of 45% and no clear model policy going forward.

The issue is that Fuji (unlike Sony) uses the same core technology (sensor and processor) for different camera lines. That makes it very hard to distinguish models. Now for the X-E and the X-Pro that doesn't matter as these are aimed at a very different style of shooting. But in the 'DSLR-type' of cameras we have essentially 5 lines (X-Txxx, X-Txx, X-Tx, X-Hx and now X-Sxx) more or less build for the same purpose and some varying only $100 in price. It's not only confusing buyers and cannibalizing on more expensive models (why would most users buy an X-T3 or even the 4 when the X-S10 is launched? - yeah I know the weather sealing marketing trick). It also is very expensive to manufacture and maintain and after a while alienates users because they feel tricked.

I'm starting to like Sony's very straightforward model range. The APS-C cameras in the A6xxx line gradually building up in capabilities. No misunderstandings. Full-frame is in the A7/A9 line where each model (plain, S, R and A9) have a specific purpose and use case. Whenever the new generation comes along, you down-price the current generation until you take it out of production. An A9 wildlife photographer won't mind the price reduction of the A7RII because he or she knows it's a different camera with very different capabilities. Imagine you bought the X-T3 a year ago. By now you would have had 2 WTF-moments in that year: when the X-T4 was launched and now with the X-S10. The same for the X-T30 buyer who has seen (in 1 year) the price drops of the X-H1, the X-T3 almost to their level and now the introduction of the X-S10 for just $100 more! Or the aforementioned X-H1 buyer...?

I really think that Fuji needs to clean up its model policy and create a more structured long-term model policy in their -T, -H and now -S line. Many will say that diversification is a valid marketing strategy, but as a former marketeer I also know that confusion leads to indecisiveness and purchase delay amongst buyers. Your outcry Nicky, is a perfect example of that.

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