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Patrick Lowe

Quick menu slots

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Unfortunately not. In the cameras with the X-Processor Pro (combined with the X-Trans III sensor) this Q-menu is fixed to the 16 tiles.

Would be a great firmware update although I have no hope we'll have major improvements on those cameras anymore. Recently Fuji launched a new firmware update for the X-H1 with small bug fixes without specifying which ones they fixed. The bugs I know of are still there, so not solved (and likely will not be either).

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    • Thanks Andreas! This is a great solution! I ll let a friend print it. Maybe there was a piece of rubber in that spot and it fell out?   Grüße Dirk
    • It might be quite subjective to tell yes or no. I have no problem to use 16-55mm on my X-E2 just use shoulder strap instead of wrist one.
    • Hey again, I just took matters into my own hands and found a great and simple fix. Looking at videos online I see that there's no spring in that latch, instead it seems to hold on by friction. I also took it off the grip to check if there's anything I'm missing (4 screws to take off cap, 1 screw to take off the latch). There's really no space/design for a spring mechanism (see photos). However I realized that underneath the latch there's a bigger recessed pocket. For a quick test I took some p
    • I fixed it with a piece of tape. I guess I ll have to talk to Fuji customer service and ask for a replacement.
    • Hey, I just made this account just to add that I also have the same problem with mine. I never saw a spring or something that sort fly off. In fact I don't even see where one could be located on this tiny latch. How can we repair this since it's irritating handling the grip this way. The sound alone this flappy little latch makes is so annoying.
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