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Hello everybody,

New Fuji owner from Michigan here.¬†ūüėä

I've been a photographer since the 80s and have been shooting digital since 2003 (almost exclusively Canon.) Being someone who learned with film I've always had a pretty nice collection of vintage lenses and while they're alright on my DSLRs I've always wanted something a little better from them. I missed the look they gave me on my old film bodies. Since Covid-19 has kept me from working I felt it was a great time to explore mirrorless and other systems.

Recently I was able to buy myself an used X-E2 body in excellent condition! All my vintage lenses have been so awesome on it! Playing around with film simulations are an experience that has my feeling like a teenager when I first got into photography. The size and style of the X-E2 is practically perfect for me and since I only shoot with manual focus it's like a time machine bringing me back to the 80s and 90s when everything was new for me and I was so eager to learn. 

Of course the more I learn about my little camera the more I want another one. Someday I hope to afford an X-Pro2 or 3. I think those might be my dream camera.

I look forward to learning new things and exploring what I can do with my Fuji. I even find myself revisiting old lessons I've studied so long ago I've forgotten most of it.


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