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Peter Lea

Histogram display

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Hello.  I am trying to set up a new 50R.  I want the histogram to be displayed on the LCD screen and in the viewfinder before I take the shot, so that I can adjust exposure as necessary.  I have gone into "Display Custom Settings" under Screen Settings and ticked the appropriate box, but all that happens is that the histogram flashes up for maybe half a second when I turn on the camera, then disappears.  Has anyone any thoughts?  Thank you!

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press the disp back button.  each press will cycle through a different set of display options.  also, make sure you've checked the boxes for the evf and for the lcd screen and not just one or the other.

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    • Thanks Andreas! This is a great solution! I ll let a friend print it. Maybe there was a piece of rubber in that spot and it fell out?   Grüße Dirk
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