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What is / how do I use Command Dial 3?

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Possibly a really naive question, but what is the third option on the Command Dial setting?  I've watched a bunch of tutorials on customizing the camera for use of the command dial, and I've found zero videos where anyone has set the "3" option to anything other than "none."  I get how the dial can change from the "1" setting/option to the "2" setting/option by pressing the button (it acts as a toggle), but how do you get to the "3" option?  Do you press a second time to act as a double toggle (i.e. it will cycle through the first, second, and third settings?

Does anyone here have some fun ways they're using this setup?  I currently have "1" set to f-stop, and "2" to exposure compensation.  I don't really *need* to mess with that mix as it's working for me, but I'm always on the lookout for tips and tricks!


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The Command dial "3" option works in exactly the same way as options "1" and "2" - assuming you have all three options set up then you toggle between them by touching the front command dial.

If this isn't working for you then my guess is that your third option isn't consistent with your other settings - perhaps you have Exposure Compensation as option "3" but you don't have the Exposure Compensation dial set to "C" (as an example)

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