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XT-20 how to set T shutter mode to +30sec??

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Have seen max time in T mode for shutter speed listed as 15 mins and  60 mins in bulb mode.

how do I set a time longer than 30 seconds so I can work on my long exposure photography.

I've tried the app in bulb mode I cant get it to lock it just has a max of 30 seconds  or in T mode set it  longer than 30 seconds,

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you

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If your lens is set to Aperture Priority  — the switch is moved to the A position for those that have it, or the menu choice is turned on for those that do not have it — the camera will only allow a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds in any of the T or B settings. Turn off Aperture Priority and you can use bulb settings that go much longer.

The bad news is in T shutter speed mode, the maximum is still going to be 30 seconds. You can get an intervalometer, connect it to your camera via the external release jack, set the camera shutter to B mode and use the intervalometer to give you the timed longer sequences, or use a remote release switch and a watch.

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thank you for you speeding response.

i have ordered a remote to allow the b setting use a bit easier as you suggested. just a cheap one for now. 

would be great if i could get the b mode to work in the app it functions only at 30 seconds same a t mode no hold or lock function as I can see so its the remote for me.

thank you for your help.😀

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