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Copy photos from Camera (X-T3) to MacOS.

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I went to the FujiFilm website and download the PCAutoSave http://app.fujifilm-dsc.com/en/pc_autosave/usage.html

But this application is not useful at all because it is built to wireless transfer images from camera to PC. I shoot raw and fine quality (uncompressed). I tried saving files wirelessly and it just killed the battery of the camera.

How to copy the all files to computer with wire connection?

I have found 2 ways (1) Use Apple photos App and then click import from there. The problem with this approach is that I usually import images into the photos app "after" post post processing and since iCloud storage is expensive I don't want to upload each and every image into the photos app (iCloud) (2) I use dark table to say import from device. This works but I have to manually select which photos to import each time. Would be nice if the software could automatically do a delta of the images which I have not imported and only import those. (My nikon software does this).

Any better suggestions?

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(I copied this from the other thread)

Plug in your camera to your Mac, turn it on, open your Applications folder and start the program called Image Capture. Its main window has a left hand menu called DEVICES and another one called SHARED. The Devices menu will have your camera listed and you can bring in images to your drive.


Note: to be complete, you can set default folders and have scripts that do if-then tasks, etc. etc. but that is way beyond getting you up and running quickly

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