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Copy files from Camera to Mac

Abhishek Srivastava

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What is the best software to import photos from camera to the Mac?

I downloaded multiple software from fujifilm website but none of them even work for this simple task.

The only working method for me right now is that I use a software called DarkTable and say "import from camera". The issue here is that I have to manually select the photos which I need to copy. I wish there was a sort of "incremental" copy feature where I could click import and only the photos which were not imported before are copied over without me having to select all of them.

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You. may get a better answer posting your question in one of the forums related to the camera body you have.

If you have a recent camera body, you can go to the menu for pc connection and choose usb card reader, save the choices, and restart the camera after plugging the cable into your computer. You can then use Apple’s built-in Camera Import software to copy the files to your drive.

Or get a usb card reader, put the sd card in it, connect the reader to your computer and use the finder to copy the files.


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I guess we are stuck in this one until a moderator moves the thread :)

Plug in your camera to your Mac, turn it on, open your Applications folder and start the program called Image Capture. Its main window has a left hand menu called DEVICES and another one called SHARED. The Devices menu will have your camera listed and you can bring in images to your drive.


Note: to be complete, you can set default folders and have scripts the do if-then tasks, etc. etc. but that is way beyond getting you up and running quickly.

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