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IBIS Thud noise?

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Hi all,

Weird issue on my X-T4. I hear a "thud" noise under certain circumstances that I believe is the IBIS mechanism. Can anyone see if their camera does the same?

Hold the camera in portrait orientation with the shutter button at the top. Click the play button to review images. Once in review mode, half-press the shutter button to get back to shooting mode. When I do this, I hear a pretty substantial click/thud noise from the camera. If I hold the camera in portrait orientation with the shutter button at the bottom, the sound doesn't happen. It also doesn't happen when holding the camera in landscape orientation.

Not sure if this warrants sending the camera in or not.




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my camera also behaves in the same way, moreover, by shaking the body a bit, you actually hear some particular noise from inside the camera body. I just bought it ... what do you recommend? Would it be better to return it and change it or does the problem have no particular negative consequences on the functioning of the camera? Have you kept it that way or replaced it?
Thank you so much and have a good weekend everyone !!

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I would tend not to worry about it unless it buggers up your photography.  Fuji has a similar banging and clanging around inside  their 80mm macro lens when it is rotated along the y-axis either on or off the camera.  Slightly unsettling but more of a design feature than a problem.  I certainly don't plan to send my X-T4 back until I have a problem.  And this ain't a problem ---- yet.

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