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Fujiflm X-T4 - AF-C (Turn off the camera and turn on again)

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Hello Fuji guys,

I have issue with camera Fujifilm x-t4(firmware 1.03), when i shoot in continuous (CH) mode(AF-C). After few shots with 18-55;16-80;56 1.2 ( no matter lenses 27, 55-200 the problem is the same), camera return message on the screen: "Turn off the camera and turn on again". I checked the battery - the problem is with full charged and half charged battery. Then, i checked the SD card with UHD 1(64GB Sandisk extreme pro) and UHD 2(Lexar 64GB (2000) and 128GB(1666), the results are the same. Same error message. Then i checked the same settings  with only one SD card - the same error. After that, i reseted the settings - the same issue again.

You can see the short video with issue.(jump after 2 min).

Link:  https://youtu.be/e88P1MyHlZc


And now is the question.. have someone from you the same problem?

Marin Lyubomirov

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I did have a similar problem with my X-T3 and a rented 90mm f2 lens. I've never had it with my other lenses. I believe, without proof, that the contact connections on lens to camera was at fault. I didn't have the problem after that with any of me lenses. When I returned the lens to rental, Fuji rep couldn't help with the problem either. 


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Posted (edited)

Great it was solved. It seems X-T4 is little "tricky" about SD cards, I have a common problem - I almost always need to insert the SD card(s) twice before Card Read error is is gone (yes I use Fujifilm recommened SD Cards, Sony UHS-II V90).
Anyway this is what is said in X-T4 user manual, Troubleshooting section about the error You had (same suggestion for all 3 errors):


Camera malfunction. Turn the camera off and then on again. If the message persists, contact a Fujifilm dealer.

I would have contacted Fujifilm support if the problem had persisted.

Have a nice day and I hope Your X-T4 will work fine for You now and in future.
I have X-T4 also (I had a lot of trouble with it first and it was a "lemon" and I got a new and it has worked fine).


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    • I think you might be confusing video with stills - apologies if not. On any Fuji camera, you've got 3 focussing modes, S, C and M - Single, Continuous and Manual (somewhere in your menu options - I think on other cameras there's a dedicated switch on the front, but not the S10).  If you have your focus set to Continous, it will track whatever it thinks is the main subject - if you're in video mode, camera starts focussing as soon as it's on.  For stills, you have to half press.   PRE-AF option i
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