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Fuji XT-3 Backordered?

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Recently upgraded from my XT-1 and purchased a black Fuji XT-3, but it ended up getting "lost in transit." Now it seems that it's no longer in stock, and B&H is no help. And on top of that, the price has now gone back up from the $999 price to $1,499.


Is the XT-3 really that backed up on orders? What's going on to cause the price increase and such a long restock time?

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You know what’s real odd about your post, is I ordered an XT3 from BH on 9/18, and it shipped the following week to arrive by 9/25.  It also was “lost in transit,” and FedEx and BH were also no help.  Of course BH was closed until the following Tuesday for holidays, and spent all week telling me to “wait for FedEx” until finally 10/01 they agreed to reship 10/02.  I never got tracking so I called them again and now oh too bad our cutoff for shipping was 9/30...which they failed to mention all week long, and wouldn’t reship until 10/12 at the earliest.  So I told them to refund, which they said they would before they closed for more holidays, and to nobody’s surprise they failed to refund me also. I found a fair deal on an XT3 on Facebook marketplace and went and bought that instead (I have a trip coming up which is why the receiving date matters and I could no longer play games with these clowns).  Great camera, once I reset to factory settings...but a very sour experience with BH.  Still waiting for my money back!  At the same time I had also ordered a lens from KEH and I had it in two days flat, no problems at all.  

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That’s sure not what we want when we are getting a new camera!  My X-T3 arrived two days after they shipped it, with no problems.  I’ve already updated the firmware and put it to work, getting my first astrophotos from it.  Lots to learn!


With BH, I had purchased a used X-T2 from them a month earlier and returned it 10 days before the X-T3 arrived. Using their Fed Ex return service, they emailed me 24 hrs after I sent it saying they had received it!  I was surprised and glad to hear that b/c I was a bit worried should it get lost.  A full refund was in my acct a few days later.  
Almost all my experiences w them have been that good, but it’s no fun when things get lost.  

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I ordered a x-t3 with the 18-55 mm lens from B&h photo about 3 weeks ago and it still haven’t shipped. I’ve emailed them a couple of times for updates and the only thing they’re able to say is that it’s backordered from Fujifilm and it’ll ship when they arrive. Didn’t realize it was backordered when I bought it but I’m looking forward to this camera so figure it’s worth the wait. I keep checking their site and now it says “more on the way” I just wish they could give a more solid status update.

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      I Just got a Fuji X-T3 from Amazon Warehouse deals, and the button feels off... 
      I used a X-T1 and have a X-t2 and they both feel very different to the X-T3.
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      So i have a friend in Hollywood FL thats about to return home on monday morning. This is my last chance to purchase an XT3 and join Fuji but it's out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know any local stores he could walk in and purchase? Shipping is obviously out of the question.
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