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I switched over to Fuji from Nikon a few years ago and seem to have become quite a gear collector. When I used Nikon I had a Nikon D7200 and the 24mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8, 50mm 1.8, 85mm f1.8, and 60mm f2.8D lenses. Since moving to Fuji I have managed to obtain the following:

cameras: X-T3, X-T30, and recently the X100V

lenses: Laowa 9mm f2.8, Fuji 10-24mm, Fuji 16mm F2, Fuji 16mm f1.4, Fuji 16-80, Fuji 18-55, Fuji 23mm f2, Fuji 27mm, Fuji 35mm f2, Mitakon 35mm, Fuji 50mm F2, Fuji 56mm, Voigtlander 58mm f1.4, Fuji 55-200, and the Fuji 90mm (still also have the Nikon 60mm f2.8D).

So I love all of these lenses, but honestly have way too many to put them all to use as I should. I am wanting to move to a minimalist set up. I recently purchased the X100V and instantly fell in love with that camera. The one lens design has really helped me rediscover what I loved about photography upon first starting out. So the X100V is staying with me. So I am wanting to sell some of my excess and need some advice about what to keep. At the moment I am thinking about keeping the X-T3 with the Laowa 9mm, Fuji 16 f1.4, Fuji 56 f1.2, Fuji 90mm f2, Fuji 16-80mm, Mitakon 35mm, and Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 (just for the fun of manual focusing).

My question is, does this sound like a reasonable set-up? I really want to move away from zooms (except for the 16-80 for fun).

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I'm afraid you would regret soon or later and probably rebuy some of the sold lens back. But it's me, I'm collector by nature ))) and the first lens you'll miss for is 55-200 as 90mm can't substitute it. Then, in a "couple" of years your consept might change and you'll decide to be "light" but where are your fujicrons?

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Just an idea.....

try to identify which of your lenses could be substituted for another lens and altered technique. Also, consider other factors such as an image quality, and perhaps build a scoring system for your lenses, and depart with the lowest performers.

At first glance, the list you propose above seems reasonable, but like mdm said, if you ever come across a need for a lens you got rid of, you may consider kicking yourself. Remember, it costs you nothing more to keep something you already paid for.

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Cameras and lenses can come and go. You seem to enjoy collecting (or at least shopping and acquiring), so why not thin the herd? Gaps that reappear in what you actually need to shoot with can be filled, and that'll be fun.

You said you'd keep the X100V, plus  "At the moment I am thinking about keeping the X-T3 with the Laowa 9mm, Fuji 16 f1.4, Fuji 56 f1.2, Fuji 90mm f2, Fuji 16-80mm, Mitakon 35mm, and Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 (just for the fun of manual focusing)."

Since you asked about a minimalist setup, maybe try out the classic news shooter's lineup of XT-3 + 16mm + X100V-23mm + 56mm. In 35mm terms, two bodies plus 24 + 35 + 85. An ENORMOUS number of photos have been shot with that kind of kit, often also featuring something like your 90mm for a little more reach. (Personally, I'm still bummed that Fuji never made the 120mm they'd planned.)

Have fun! Shoot more, carry less!  😉



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