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My favorite camera bag is...

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I'm pretty happy with my new Tamrac Apache 4 camera bag  ;)   as it really is a great walk around bag!

The Tamrac Apache 4 is an excellent all-round bag for both casual photo walks in the streets and trekking or light outdoor hiking!

It is light yet very capable, rugged and stylish for a business meeting and can hold all my mirrorless gear (X-E2 with 16-55 and 55-200 plus bits and pieces) with ease and security.
It has the good feature of the silent closure velcro, very good padding, two nice side pockets and the zippered front pocket for all your bits and pieces.
The inner pocket easily holds a 10 inch tablet.
The outer sailcloth seems durable and reasonably waterproof, though not fit for the heaviest downpours, but gives the bag an inconspicuous low-profile look, all you need in a crowded city street.
The only drawback I can think of is a missing extra small rain cover for extra shelter!
Price-wise, I think it is really excellent for the money.
Overall a great bag, absolutely in the Tamrac tradition.
Super recommended!
Ciaooo,   :P 

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I use a Think Tank City Walker 10.  

Great bag.  Light, durable, plenty of pockets.  

Holds my X-T1 w/dovetail grip, 18-55, 55-200, 14, and 23mm lenses.  Tabletop tripod, flash, extra batteries, cards, sketchbook, pens/pencils, tablet, phone, etc. - no problem. 


It has the two things I need in any shoulder bag - the ability to stand on its own when on the ground and, the most important for me, side pockets that can hold a water bottle or be a temporary, quick access spot for lenses while shooting.

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This is my own bag with all the stuff I put in it








I hate using bags that are too small and where lenses have to be kept in two layers to fit ( so that: if I need the lens under I need to fidget with the one  on top). So, I chose one very large bag which could easily accommodate my X-T1 body: Samyang 8mm f 2.8 , 10-24mm f 4, 35 f 1.4, 60mm f2.4 macro, 50-230mm f 4.5.-6.7.I also have a few filters, a gorilla tripod with a ball head, and some odds and ends which I think that I might need. 


I wanted a soft but thick leather, oil tanned, bag but I also didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. 


So I went for a Jill.E design model Jack Camera Messenger ( the large one not the small), made of oil tanned dark brown Bolivian leather ( I still don’t know if that is a type of leather or it actually comes from Bolivia). It is apparently designed in the USA and made in China and I’ve paid €189 for it, which I found being good value for what I was getting and certainly compared to other brands of leather bags on the market.


I like the leather, the amount of space inside and the carrying belt, I don’t like so much the material inside the bag ( it's a bit loose, I’d prefer it if it were tighter) and the size of the 4 external pockets. I don’t use the laptop compartment ( but it has one which can obviously used for other things) and the zipped flap at the back doubles as an extra compartment when zipped but can be opened to fit the handle of a trolley case so you can carry both en securely, useful if you are traveling in airports and places like that.


The pictures are not of my case but taken from the Jill.E site. Not everyone would like the size of this bag, for some would be definitely too big but it is exactly the size of all the  bags that I’ve ever had before in my photographic life.


One thing that led me to buy this case was that next to the abundance of photographic items space ( as I said I truly hate crammed bags with things on top of each other) is the fact that  if you are traveling by plane you might be allowed only one piece of hand luggage. In that case, next to my photo stuff I can, at a pinch, stuff the upper layer and the other available compartments, like the laptop compartment, on top of the camera and lenses, where I keep the gorilla pod tripod, with clothes and other necessary things (including my diabetes medication) which I always carry should my case get lost in transit (It has happened before) . With what you can put in the bag I can easily survive a few days and have sufficient underwear to guarantee a few changes.


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I use a Lowepro Messenger 100 for when I want to carry a few more stuff, but I feel sometimes it does not fit enough stuff.


I can fit in it the Fuji X-E2 with maybe the 35mm mounted, on the side I can fit the 60mm or the XC 50-230mm and in the front pouch, with the extra batteries and a few more things I can fit in also the 27mm.  


I've also been able to fit the X-E2, 60mm, 27mm, 35mm and the XC 50-230 but, without the lens hoods monted on any of them.  You can also put the X-E2 with the 18-55 and the 60 and 35 for example.


It has 2 main compartments, and sometimes when carrying more lens I'd think the 150 would leave more space to put all of them.


I should take some photos to show the configurations, but I don't have that now, sorry.


When I want to shoot street and want to take just the camera with one lens, I use the Black Rapid Snapr 35. It fits the X-E2 with either the 27mm or the 35mm, without the hood. And a couple of batteries on one side and a small joby tripod micro 250 on the other side.


I'll take photos later to share.

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I use a Think Tank Retrospective 7. It can comfortably fit my X-T1 with a lens mounted, an extra lens, a speedlight, my Instax, and whatever accessories you'd need with those with room to spare. There's definitely room for another lens in there, but I've been having trouble finding more versatile dividers for the bag, so I've got a couple compartments with a lot more empty space than there should be. Currently looking for a divider that's only velcro'd on one side, so I can use the flap between one lens stacked on another.


17301573905_a0077e98d1_c.jpgPacked bag by philbabbey, on Flickr


17114020030_2969dfae52_c.jpgContents by philbabbey, on Flickr

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For daily use:



1. Billingham Hadley Pro : 3 Lens + Body + Accessories + Ipad + Thermos (daily commuting)


2. F Stop Millar : 3 Lens + Body + Accessories + Small Thermos (for sketchy neighborhoods)


For Hiking/Camping:


1. Lowepro Flipside 15L : 4 lens + Body + Accessories + Tripod




This setup works for me because I like everything in one bag. Plus, they are all water proof. I don't shy away from rain so the bags needs to keep the water out...for awhile at least.


Btw - body is X-T1  ;)

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i use 5.11 backpacks for everything in life.  they're used by the military and police and last forever.  i like the molle modular system to easily attach other cases or a tripod to the bag.  the bags are even designed to attach attach to another bag.  wrap the camera and lenses in some lens wraps and throw them in.  i used the 5.11 rush 12 on a recent trip, took most of my camera gear and it held it all with no issues.  the bag is about the heigh and width of a normal backpack, maybe a little deeper.  it held 3 camera bodies with lenses attached, another 5 lenses, tripod, filters, and more.  the rush 24 is bigger, it easily accommodates my 17" laptop

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I use a freebie from the OSCE ODIHR that I got a few years back doing election monitoring in Albania. Advantages - it's a perfect size for a camera, a couple of spare lenses and various odds and ends; it has a multitude of pockets, most with zippers; it doesn't look at all like a camera bag. Disadvantages - it's not waterproof or water resistant; it's not padded but I just use padded inserts. As well as that I have a Lowe Messenger bag I picked up some years ago and an Ape Case Envoy Compact. For a while I was also using a messenger style bag I got from MUJI. Key feature of all of them is that they were cheap (or free). While I understand that some people need more than I do from a bag I find the pricing on many brands of dedicated camera bags a little bit crazy.

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I use a Think Tank Retrospective 7. It can comfortably fit my X-T1 with a lens mounted, an extra lens, a speedlight, my Instax, and whatever accessories you'd need with those with room to spare. There's definitely room for another lens in there, but I've been having trouble finding more versatile dividers for the bag, so I've got a couple compartments with a lot more empty space than there should be. Currently looking for a divider that's only velcro'd on one side, so I can use the flap between one lens stacked on another.


I love my Think Tank Retrospective 7 as well. I can fit my X-T1, X-E2 and 4 lenses in it along with extra batteries, cards, etc.     I also have a Think Tank streetwalker backpack that holds 2 cameras, 5 lenses including my new 50-140, and my 3 legged thing Brian.  It used to hold my Nikon gear, but I have sold all of that.


17301573905_a0077e98d1_c.jpgPacked bag by philbabbey, on Flickr


17114020030_2969dfae52_c.jpgContents by philbabbey, on Flickr

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I ordered the Tamrac Apache 2 and will see how it turns out for my needs, which are : lightweight (so Apache 4 or retrospective 5 at 1 kilo are already too much for me), space for camera + lens, 1 or 2 small extra lenses, water bottles and a few little things. I especially have to see if a 7" tablet will fit as I plan to get one at some point, and if it works it will be tight at best.


I think that in the end I'll eventually want a retrospective 5 but can't justify the extra 100€ over the Apache 2 (prefer to spend in glass and fuel to make pictures for now, we'll see in winter) plus it can be a good idea to have both, the Apache 2 for lightweight / small kit, bushwhacking and the retrospective when I need the extra space and am in a "safe" environment.


If I keep the Apache I'll just unsew the Tamrac logo not a big deal.

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My Favorites:

Travel and street----I use a Timbuk2 small messenger bag with a camera insert. Holds an X-T1 with 3+ lenses, flash, ipad or macbook ,spare batteries, gorillapod attaches under the bottom and the bag is waterproof. 


Landscape (hiking)----Gura Gear Uinta with modules. Holds 2 bodies, 6 lenses, various accessories, Macbook pro and still has space for jacket, snacks, drink. Tripod holder on outside. Has a rain cover.


I still have: 

Think Tank Turnstyle 20 (hiking, travel or street) ----if I don't need everything plus the kitchen sink. One body, 2 lenses plus ipad, few accessories.


Think Tank Airport Antidote v2.0 backpack----used for my old Nikon equipment and laptop, have had for many years and saw no need to toss it. Good for extra storage if need be for lights, reflectors, etc

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Tamrac Apache 2 is a big disapointment, I'm sending it back.


Didn't realise over 600g was _that_ heavy in relation to the size (It's really small). The strap is too short for me (I'm tall but not 2m either) and unpadded, would hurt quickly. It's very cubic, screams camera bag from the format.


Well that was it whith looking for a decent camera bag, I'm ordering a normal (but water resistant) messenger bag and putting an insert, seriously how much padding and extra weight do those companies think people need? Are people routinely throwing themselves with their equipment against walls or something? I'm really sceptic over all those bags that overprotect the material against god knows what, yet are never really waterproof, and attract so much attention by their design and logos.

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This is the Lowerpro 302 AW Slingshot Backpack.  I use this for storage at home, and the bag that I use to transport equipment in the car.  Out of this bag, I load up my Thinktank Retrospective 20 (in Pinestone) 


The Lowepro I've also used to hike.  Not with all this equipment, but pretty well loaded up.  It also has a side strap for my tripod and numerous pockets for accessories.  Just as an example here is what I keep in it and travel with:


Nikon D800

Nikon 50mm 1.8G

Nikon 18-35 G

Vivitar 100mm F2.8 Macro (not visible)

Fuji X-T1 with grip

Fuji 18-55 Lens

Fuji 35mm F1.4

Fuji 55-200

Zeiss Touit 12mm 2.8 (not visible)

Nikon SB700

Nikon SB400

Fuji EF-42

Fuji Extension tubes

Thinktank Pocket Rocket SD card wallet 12ea 16G & 32G cards

Think tank battery holder for 4 Fuji batteries

Think tank battery holder for 4 Nikon D800 Batteries

Filter pouch loaded with all my Singh-Rays and ND filters

Cleaning supplies

Remote releases for both bodies

And numerous smaller items


I normally would already have my Think Tank Retro 20 pre-packed with what I "think" I"ll need, and the backpack stays in the car.





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I have a Lowerpro 302 AW Slingshot Backpack for hiking with my Fuji kit, a huge Lowepro for my 4x5 kit (biggest backpack they make). I have a Domke F2 (super awesomest general purpose bag ever) it's the fatiqued canvas rugged wear model so it looks good too but sadly, it looks like a camera bag so it is relegated to hauling and car-bag, I never walk with it. I have a Think Tank 5 & 7, I want and try to like them, but they are too boxy for my tastes and swell to the front if you put anything in them. The space inside for camera and lenses shrinks if you use the acc pockets and the internal side pockets are a complete PITA even when empty.


Am looking at the Hadley Pro, but would like to see one in person before shelling out that kind of coin. I don't mind the expense if it's a good match for my needs, but even shipping costs are not cheap so I want to prevent sending it back. My wife says that camera bags are like purses, you can never have too many, they are all expensive, and the perfect one is still being designed...


ONA bags are far sexier than I can justify, I have held one and it is extremely well made and flat out gorgeous! I just don't want the best looking garment on me to be a bag lol

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I have Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home camera backpack. Great bag for travelling. It got 2 compartments.   A Weather resistant design,the main cargo area has Six moulded dividers where i can placed all my camera bodies and lenses i.e. 2 bodies (X-T1 and X-M1) and 6 lenses i.e. XF55-200, XF18-55, XF56mm 1.2, XF27mm, Zeiss Touit 12mm and Samyang 8mm Fisheye. The other top compartment is very essential to put my personal belonging such as light jacket, power banks, chargers and others. It also has a rear zipped padded pocket can carry iPad where i can fit nicely my 11 in Macbook Air.



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Great to see everyone's favourite bags! I mostly use a Billingham Hadley small when my main purpose is to go on a photo walk. It fits my X-T1 and a couple of lenses perfectly and is lightweight and inconspicuous.


For travel I use a Chrome Niko backpack which fits all camera gear and travel accessories. The dividers inside aren't very helpful though...too big for mirrorless. I have high hopes for the Brevite backpack.


Has anyone used an ONA Prince Street? I wonder if you could fit in A4 paper as I'm looking for a combined work and camera bag (X-T1, plus 1 extra lens and work papers, sunnies, keys, wallet, etc). I'm fairly certain the Brixton would work, but am worried it's too big and heavy...

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My favorite camera bag is my Domke F:803.

This is my photo ‘Grab Bag’ it contains the following:

Fuji X-PRO1

18~55mm lens & hood

Fuji EF-42 flash

AA batteries x4

Spare camera battery & SD card  in a Think Tank pouch


Notebook & pen

First Aid kit  [i always carry one]

Fruit bar


The Domke F:803 is discreet, does not shout expensive camera inside and is tough, very tough


Depending on my requirements I will also use Think Tank mirrorless mover 30i

Or my Billingham Hadley large, particularly if it is raining. 


Or my Billingham L2 great for short walks/street shooting. Best of British Manufacturing.

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