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Grid Dots on RAW image

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This is my first digital camera.  I used to shoot film many years ago, and have had a few digital pocket cameras, but I recently bought an X-e1 to try and get into photography again. So far the process that is causing issues is:

1. Take Photo in JpegF/RAW

2. Use Adobe DNG converter to convert RAF files to DNG (so my version of Photoshop can open them)

3. Open in Photoshop and zoom in... (attached image is a clip zoomed in at 300%)

Please note: These grid/squares/dots are not visible in the jpeg image taken directly from the camera into Photoshop... so this issue may have nothing to do with the X-e1 at all... or...

Thank you for any help you can provide!1404750415_ScreenShot2020-09-07at11_39_01AM.png.6d5434703d8441a78bcb5eaa5c849295.png

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As to upgrading... I am currently trying to exist in this sweet spot where I can continue to run my CS5.5 Adobe Products.  Upgrading DNG will require updating my OS which will mean I can no longer run CS.  And I am not now, not ever, going to pay Adobe monthly to use their software... I will tear my computer out of the wall, pour lighter fluid on it and ignite it before I do that.  So my OS stays where it is for now - and therefore upgrading DNG is not on the radar.  But thank you for the suggestion that that is the source of the problem!

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If you are using a Mac, Affinity’s Develop module will open the .RAF files using your choice of either Apple’s raw engine or Affinity’s raw engine, which you can then export as a .TIFF or or as a .PSD file that Photoshop should open. I do not know how many raw engine choices the Windows Affinity version has.

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