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How to get extended ISO range on X-T200

Thura Oo

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I recently got X-T200 and has been wondering how to get the extended ISO range written in the specifications on the website. It says the camera has native ISO range of 200-12800 and has extended ISO range of 100-51200. But I cannot find anywhere in the menus and settings where to get that extended ISO range. I assigned ISO selector function to my function dial but I can only select the native ISOs. Is the extended ISO feature lacking the current firmware and will it be included in the upcoming firmware?

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I have not found a way to access the extended ISO range on my X-T200, whether I am in normal or fine image mode and there is nothing anywhere else on the web that addresses this. Perhaps you got this confused with a different model of Fujifilm camera and this is not actually a feature available on the X-T200?

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I am not very sure but from my experience with my X-T100, you can enable the extended ISO by turning on Electronic Shutter.
You can do so by going to Menu > Shutter Type > Choose ES or M+E. I recommend the M+E (Mechanical + Electronic Shutter) option.
Now, go back to your ISO settings and see if you can use the extended ISO. Good luck. :)

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