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Is this common? "Card Error" (recommended SD card in use).

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Hi all,
I have noticed as soon as I take any of my SD cards out (for file transfer to my laptop in the laptop SD card slot) and then later insert the SD card in the X-T4 SD card slot it is almost always this message in X-T4 when I turn it on: CARD ERROR
I take the SD card out of the slot in my X-T4 and insert it again and the error is gone next time I turn the camera on.
Little annoying, not a big problem since I know the workaround now.
Just curious, any others out there that has same problem?
The SD cards I use is on the Fujifilm recommended list of SD cards.
No other problems with my three SD cards I have. It is Sony Tough SF-G64T and SF-G128T (both V90) that I use.


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This is unfortunately a recurring issue with multiple Fuji camera's. I've had an X-T2 suffering from this issue occasionally. My first X-H1 was almost useless because of this and the constant write errors. My second X-H1 rarely has it (knock on wood). My X-Pro1 and 2s never had an issue like this, but when I borrowed an X-T4 for a trial run, it also showed these issues. That's one of the (multiple) reasons I didn't upgrade.

When you use Fuji recommended cards, it also makes sense to use identical cards in both slots (I noticed you have 64 and 128Gb cards), to insert them gently and reformat in camera after securing the images. For the X-H1 Fuji launched a firmware update to solve this issue. Let's hope they do that for the X-T4 as well.

Is your laptop by chance a macbook? Mine is and apparently they contribute to the issue. 

PS. I must say that the A7R4 nor the SL2 I'm currently using ever showed problems like these.

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I had a single Sony Tough SF-G64T SD card initially alone in slot 1 and formatted it in camera in slot 1.
Later I bought two Sony SF-G128T that I had in backup so one was in slot 1 and one in slot 2. Both cards was formatted in the camera.
It seems not to matter if I use one or two cards in the slots.
It is not a big problem but it should not be like this with high quality SD card like the Sony Tough cards.
Once the card is recogniced, always on second insert of the SD card in a X-T4 slot, it works then perfectly.
I think I can live with it.
The cards has not been used that much, I have filled up the 64 GB card but the 128GB cards has still pleny of free space left.
I have a HP Zbook laptop with Win 10 so no MacBook in use here.
I have the latest firmware for both X-T4 camera (ver. 1.03) and lens XF16-80mm F4 R OIS WR (ver. 1.05).
Thanks for the answer, Herco. 

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