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No OIS on/off switch on the new 16-80/4 !?

Adam Woodhouse

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Recently got the combo XT4 and 16-80/4 lens and was really surprised to see no OIS on/off switch like my 10-24/4 lens.

I see in the menu an option for IS on/off ... I'm assuming that is for just the sensor?  Is there no way to turn the lens IOS off but have just the sensor on or is this setup that when the menu says "on" both lens and sensor are on ... and when the menu says "off" both the lens and sensor are off?


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That is correct, I have that lens. Screenshot for Photo (Still) mode below. I have not seen any settings that can enable camera OIS or lens OIS, it will be on (or off) in both if both camera and lens (as in this case) support OIS. If the lens do not support IOS the X-T4 camera OIS can be enabled by the Camera Shooting IS Mode setting. 
But watch this video so You know the limitations:



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Thank you for the replies.

I know the difference between continuous and shooting only modes.  I feel the little description on the LCD for continuous mode doesn't help and is confusing.  But having read manuals, it's pretty straight forward.

So ... it appears that if the lens has a OIS on/off switch, we can go with just IBIS if we want (and in the menu turn off IBIS when on a tripod).  But if the lens doesn't have a switch then the lens OIS is on if the body IBIS is on and off if the body IBIS is off.



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20 hours ago, Adam Woodhouse said:

But if the lens doesn't have a switch then the lens OIS is on if the body IBIS is on and off if the body IBIS is off.

As I understand it and have observed on my own X-T4 and lens XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR it is as You wrote above.





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