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    • Hiya It's just not very good, really. Calling it 'webcam' is misleading as it only works with streaming software like Skype, Zoom etc. You can't change many settings when it's running. You have to disconnect it to switch it off - just turning the camera off doesn't stop it working! Then you have to change the connection settings to use the normal usb again. So I think I'm abandoning it and going back to just using the hdmi output. Maybe a future firmware release will confer proper usb tethering - fingers crossed! Louise
    • Keep going! It reads like you are making progress, some others are posting messages to the effect that they have not gotten as far as you did.
    • Without any images to better understand what you are getting, we will have to guess. It could be that you are having problems with the hyper-focal distancing. Take a look at these, perhaps they will help: https://www.photoworkout.com/hyperfocal-distance/ https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/hyperfocal-distance.htm https://photographylife.com/landscapes/hyperfocal-distance-explained  
    • Hi everyone, Been using the X100V for a while now and I can't figure out how to set up easy access to be able to switch on or off the flash. I know I can do it from the Q menu but that as not really quick or convenient. Anyone has any suggestions?
    • I made some progress though it doesn't appear to quite do what I want it to. I can't get it to work in Microsoft Camera but it will work in Skype. Although I can take a still pic which it puts in the 'Still' folder, that's all it will let me do - just one pic! If I try and take another, the shutter fires and a second pic isn't downloaded from the camera. Huh? I can't see that's intentional behaviour? Maybe connecting via a different Window's app would work better? Any recommendations?  Also, it appears to delete the contents of the Still folder when you disconnect - tut! Stills aren't stored on the SD card either - I presume with the X-Webcam connection mode, the SD Card isn't visible. Is this the same with other X-Webcam compatible cameras?  
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