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Fuji X-T3 Focus/Discoloration Issue

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This is a bit of a weird issue but in certain lighting situations, especially with grass or brush in the frame, there is a distinct pink/blue discoloration wherever I am focusing my image. When I am focusing my camera whether it is in the viewfinder or the LCD screen, you can see the discoloration while focusing and on the final image. Happens in AF-s or AF-Cmode. I have sent the camera to Fuji twice now and the first time they did nothing because they couldn't replicate the issue. I sent it back again and they replaced the sensor and I am still having issues with both of my lenses (23mm 1.2 and 56mm 1.2 - the discoloration is more obvious with the 56mm 1.2). I even rented an XT-3 body as a backup for a shoot and it did the exact same thing with that body. I shoot fully manual and white balance is typically set to a custom temperature, usually 6300K. Attached are photos showing what is happening.

Curious if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone might know what the issue is if it's not the sensor. It's incredibly frustrating and proving unreliable.

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Two different lenses, two bodies, same problem ? This is interesting. Does it happen in Auto WB too ? Do you have some colour tint set in Manual WB ? (should not affect only a part f the image, I know) Why 6300K ? Does it not happen in MF, only in AF ? Is it there in the RAW or only in the JPEG ? If yes, what film sim ? You say certain lighting conditions, you are not using some artificial lights in these instances, are you. Not using any filter on a holder, the same one for both lenses, are you. Could this be just purple fringing on the contrasty edges as it is a fairly high-key image ? Scratch my head, dunno. Could you post some more examples ? Are these all similar images or does it happen in a variety of different scenes also ?

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