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Hi everyone,

I started 'serious' photography in the 1970s, using Russian 35mm cameras like Zeniths, Zorkis and Feds (it was an unwritten law that everybody had to start with them). Latched onto Pentax, then Bronica, DSLR Nikons and have finally regressed to that retro look of Fuji, although I swore I'd never buy one again after the fiasco of the 'Lens Control Error' in my XF1. Bought an X-E3 but have ditched the 15-45mm lens because it doesn't suit my style of photography (Candid People shots). I like to get close to my subjects, shooting from the hip using an ultra-wide lens set at f8/f11, with aperture priority. I didn't enjoy using the aforementioned zoom especially after setting it at the widest angle and strolling round the streets of my nearest town, only to discover later that I had inadvertently touched the (one-touch) zoom ring and ended up with a load of useless shots at 45mm!

I'm looking at buying the 10-24mm but am worried that zooming on this is also motorised.  Could any of you hardened Fujiholics let me know if the zooming is manual on this lens or am I showing my age and ALL Fuji zooms are motorised?

Thank you in advance

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