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Tethering Software XT4

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Hi. I use ADOBE LR (not classic). Do I need the Adobe Plugin for 30Euros to instantly review my shots on the laptop? Is there another free solution? 

Hallo. Ich benutze Adobe LR. Muss mir das 30 Euro Plug-in kaufen oder gibt es eine andere Lösung, die es mir erlaubt die Fotos nach dem Auslösen auf dem Rechner zu reviewen? 


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    • Have you tried formatting the SD card in camera? I have noticed a brief black screen “storing” message after taking single shot. I do have clarity set on my film settings.
    • http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t3/menu_setup/button-dial_setting/index.html#edit-save_quick_menu
    • Get a card reader. Pull the card from the camera and use the reader to copy from the card to your pc, then use the software from there. It will be so much faster, the time savings alone will pay for the purchase.
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    • Dont know what i did but ive lost the ability to switch between the C1 and C2 etc in the Q menu ? I can change the blank square where the option was in the Q menu to lots of different option but not to C1, C2 etc? thanks
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