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My X-T4 SD card files in Explorer - it is a Live and Still device shown...

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I have connected my X-T4 camera via USB before fine and have accessed the files on SD card while the card sat in the camera.
Today when I wanted to copy some files to my PC (Win 10) the X-T4 show two devices in Explorer: Live and Still.
What is that? I have not seen them before. I can not access any files on these devices.
I now have to take out one SD card from the slot in the camera and mount it in a SD card reader and then all files are there on the removable device
in folder DCIM\100_FUJI
Anyone know what  happened?
I have some Fuji applications installed:
X RAW Studio.
I have also Capture One 20 for Fujifilm installed (latest version
And Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 (and Adobe Premiere Elements 2020).

Is it some other application that has configured so it is Live and Still devices
in Explorer now?


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You're probably in thethered shooting mode.:

  • Disconnect the camera
  • go to connection settings > connection mode
  • activate sd card mode
  • reconnect

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Thanks for the answer. I have not tried anything since I posted my question in August 1  2020. I checked the setting today and it was for Connection Mode set to USB Card.
I connected my X-T4 via USB cable to my laptop and turned my X-T4 on and checked in Explorer and now it was displayed correctly so I could see the files directly on the SD card while it sat in the camera. I have not a clue why it worked today.
But since I'm used now to take the SD card out of the camera SD card slot and insert it to my laptop built in SD card slot I may continue with that. It is much faster transfer of RAF files this way.


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