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Upside down green screen

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Has anyone seen something like this? Back screen on a X-T20 suddenly went upside down and bright green. And the only way to turn the camera off is to pull the battery. Before I send it away to Fuji Repair in New Jersey I'd like to know if it is salvageable or if I should save my money toward a new camera. It's been a good backup to my T-2.

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I sent it to Fujifilm repair for evaluation and got this response: 

"I'm contacting you regarding the X-T20 camera sent in for repair.  Due to the amount of parts needed to repair your camera, the camera is beyond economical repair.  Below is the estimate to swap the camera for a reconditioned X-T20 camera.  Please let me know if you have any questions or how you would like to proceed.

Model X-T20 
Swap Estimate $404 plus $20 shipping plus tax, Total Estimate $452.62"
My reaction to that response is that Fujifilm has a build or software problem with the X-T20 and should offer a more affordable correction. I decided to decline the repair and put the money toward an X-T3. And since then I've moved on to a X-T5.
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