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10-24mm (15-35mm equivalent ??)


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I don't know much about cameras/lenses and photography but I get by doing some amatuer snapping here and there. 

However, I need to do some real estate photography and I was told I needed a 10-24mm lens to avoid wild barreling and the chore of using software. 

But I am confused by the 15-35mm equivalence thingy. 

WIll the Fuji 10-24mm do the job (especially in small rooms) ?

Thanks in anticipation of your kind (and simple) answers, 

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Focal length equivalency depends on the size of the sensor. You've posted this message in the GFX-lenses section (which is for Fuji's medium format sensor cameras) but I guess you use an X-system camera from Fuji with the smaller APS-C sensor. Right between APS-C and medium format are the so-called Full Frame (FF) sensor cameras. This was in the days of film the most used size of film for amateur photographers. That is why focal lengths of lenses are often recalculated to the FF equivalency. From APS-C to FF the 'crop-factor' is 1.5x

The 10-24 f4 Fuji lens therefore has a full frame equivalency of approx. 15-35mm meaning it gives you that same angle of view. It ranges from an super wide-angle to a standard wide-angle view. That makes it perfect for architecture, indoor architecture and landscape.

The 10-24 has two main advantages for your intended use: first it doesn't have a lot of distortion in the super wide-angle mode, so you don't need software to correct the image all the time (keystone correction). Precondition is that you keep the camera and lens level at shooting (and not tilted backwards). Secondly, it has an optical image stabilizer. So, shooting indoor with longer shutter speeds isn't too much of a problem, since the lens corrects motion blur in some degree. That compensates for the fact it has not a really fast aperture (f4) so your low-light/indoor shutter speeds can be a bit longer (I would say up to 1/8s).

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