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Tom W

Fuji XT-4 Sensor Cleaning Process

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Hello all.  If this has been addressed already I apologize - I was not able to locate a topic.  Perhaps not searching the right keywords.  I have seen videos on how to properly clean the IBIS sensor in the XH-1 but as of yet I have been unable to find specifics in my manual or in the usual youtube sources specifically for the XT-4.  I imagine some of the processes are the same but as the XT-4 uses a different IBIS mechanism and the menus operate a bit differently I was wondering if anyone knows the specific, proper steps to cleaning the sensor?  -  I would think it would be similar.  Turn off the IBIS mech in the menus, make sure the camera is ON and follow the standard swabbing procedure.  In the XH-1 it seems you need to make sure that shoot with lens OFF/ON is turned to the OFF position but on my XT-4 I don't seem to have an option for that in the menus or at least I have not found it so I don't know if this is an issue or not.


If anyone has a process for sensor cleaning I would be very grateful to know it.  Thanks in advance for anyone who has some tips.



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