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    • I must admit this post really surprised me, I have just moved from a Canon DSLR and apart from the articulated screen not feeling as robust, and the battery/connector doors a little brittle, I thought the build quality was good. To me everything feels really solid.
    • I think I already know the answer, but does anyone know if you can set a time that you need to hold down a custom button before it operates? I've just moved from a larger DSLR and I have large hands, and have found that I keep catching the custom buttons, so have had to unassign them all. If for example you needed to hold down a button for a second before it operated then it would remove the chance of inadvertently changing settings.
    • Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I was surprised, I had taken them at dusk across small bay with some lights on the shoreline, hoping just to blur the sea. However the lights were all over the place.
    • This is precisely the issue that Fujifilm should fear with their current release policy. Welcome to the world of many X-H1 early buyers who paid a premium price for the flagship model only to find out it was undermined by Fujifilm's release policy just a few months later. No significant firmware updates anymore, topped-up by a price cut of 45% and no clear model policy going forward. The issue is that Fuji (unlike Sony) uses the same core technology (sensor and processor) for different came
    • Have Fuji forgotten the XT30? The XT3 got an update that allowed it to be used as a web cam, its just had another update to upgrade its focus performance to XT4  levels. I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed with Nikon or gone for a Sony. Having said that, Fuji's own XS-10 looks great. Why would anyone buy an XT30 now? it seems suddenly very old and unattractive.
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