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T ring for mounting to telescope


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I am interested using my XT2 for astrophotography, but am having some problems figuring out which T-ring I should pruchase to mount to my camera. I have a reflector telescope. I have been reading that T-rings for mirrorless cameras are more "tube-shaped"..due to how the camera operates, but some websites also sell narrower T-rings, called T-minus Rings. Could anyone provide some insight on whether I should purchase the T2 or T-minus ring?

Thanks for your help. 

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I bought similar adapter (T2-FX), but I can’t take a photo, I connected it to telescope (I have sky watcher 150/750), aperture is set automatically to 0 (normalny I change it on a lens) and when I click to take a photo nothing happens, do I need another adapter or maybe to change something in settings? I have X-T20 model. Could someone help please? As I’m totally new to astrophotography 

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What image is there on the display screen?  You may need to consider an extension tube to achieve focus.  When an object is significantly out of focus its outline will not be seen - even if the scope/camera is centred on it the screen will look blank.  Have you checked whether the camera is lined up with the scope?  Can you do this in the daylight using terrestrial objects?  If I'm at a loss to find an object on my screen I will wait till the moon is out - that can't be missed!!

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