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Does new Nikon Z5 crush X-T4?

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Well, just been looking at the launch videos for the new Nikon Z5. Being of a fair balance in the fanboy mindset I have to conclude that with the included kit lens and priced at  £1750, Nikon a making a very strong case for the FF system. Added to that the quality you can get in the reasonably price  F1.8 S range of enthusiast lenses pressure is being applied in earnest. Fuji X-H2 had better bring something special I feel. I'm a X=H1 shooter but dam Nikon are making me look twice.

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I bought several Nikon Fs and lenses from the 60's until I quit analog in 2010.  Believing in Nikon quality and dependability, I bought a 1V2 in 2015 and was quite happy with it until 2018.  Then the 10-100 zoom crapped out on me.  I did some research and found that this was a common problem for that and several other 1V-series lenses.  They could be repaired for about $300, but there was no guarantee that they would last, as the lenses were poorly constructed with some plastic internal components which were prone to wear.  The general consensus was that Nikon flew a substandard model line to test the viability of a smaller, mirrorless model.  Now they have announced the Z series.  

I bought a new 50mm F lens and adapted it to the 1V2, as the body still worked perfectly.  That was the last Nikon product I'll ever buy.  I would wait a year or more to see what the reviews say, and then there's still no guarantee of the old quality.

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Aside from IBIS and the higher-spec EVF, the X-T2 is a lot more camera than the Z5. The X-T4 compares well against the higher-end Z6 in all regards except pure sensor performance (and that's solely a function of sensor size)

The Z5 is a basic stripper FF body built around the frame of a Z6. Older FSI sensor from the A7II (with reduced AF performance thanks to a slower readout, to what extent isn't yet known), 4.5fps, EXPENSIVE lenses (price those great but costly f1.8S lenses, you can get Fuji's faster XF lenses for the same money and frankly it's only the 35, 50 & 85 that are something special, the newer 20 & 24 are actually marginally worse than their G predecessors), no proper vertical grip, single-axis tilt touchscreen. You can get a full set of 4 fujicrons for less than the cost of 3 f1.8 S lenses (the 50 is not much more than a Fujicron, but the others are significantly more expensive)

The flip side is the Z5 battery is pretty good (although Nikon continues to get poor life per mAh from their large EN-EL15 batteries) and you get access to the brilliant Nikkor PF lenses via the FTZ. 

I'm a mixed Nikon/Fuji shooter (D750, D300, X-T2, X-T1, X-E2) and while the Z5 is on my radar, it's purely as an eventual replacement for my D750, as my X-T2 is already more camera in a smaller package. The Z5 is priced directly against the X-T3 and unless you are a long lens guy (where the FTZ+ Nikkor F telephotos give you more options) or absolutely need that extra bit of DR and high ISO inherent to FF, the X-T3 curbstomps the Z5 in performance.

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