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Has anyone tried to adapt a Canon TS-E lens to any Fuji body? I'm specifically thinking about getting the 17mm for my X-T4, however I'm still weighing up the cost against the diminishing returns.

In general, how viable is adapting full-frame tilt-shift onto APS-C bodies? As far as I understand, on top of the focal length being increased by the crop factor, the shift range is also reduced by the same factor. So in the case of the 17mm, I would technically only have a maximum shift of 7-8mm. Is this correct? If so, is that still enough for a moderate amount of in-camera correction? I'm not expecting to capture a skyscraper from the across the street, but something that will cover the majority of cases.

Finally, are there any alternative solutions I should consider?

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You get more shift range, not less, as shift is controlled by the difference between the illumination circle and the sensor size, and that ratio grows when using a shift lens intended for FF on APS-C.

That said, I'd honestly suggest pairing a shift adapter or T/S adapter and a FF UWA over going to a lens as insanely expensive as the 17 TS-E if you aren't going to get the benefit of the full wideness of the lens.

I've got the Laowa 15mm f4 Macro, which includes native shift in 1 axis, and it does pretty well. As it's a FF UWA with shift available only on APS-C, you are limited to ~7mm of shift, but it's $500 and can be used with a 3rd party shift adapter to get other shift directions (it's a DSLR lens in F, EF or K mount)

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I never would have considered a macro lens for architecture, but I suppose it works all the same when the subject isn't close. Any idea why they would add shift capabilities to a lens like that rather than just a normal wide angle?

Regardless, it does look like a compelling option. How would it compare if I got something like the Laowa 12mm ZD and a Fotodiox Pro shift adapter (EF to X)? I don't suppose I could just use that adapter coupled with a reverse adapter to use my Fujifilm lenses, I imagine the extra space in front of the sensor would impact the image.

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The Laowa 15mm f4 is kind of a bucket of everything lens. Laowa specializes in producing lenses with unusual close-focus properties (their regular macro lenses all go to 2:1 magnification for example). I have no idea why they added the shift feature, as it's APS-C only, but they did and it's useful. Macro focusing on a UWA allows for some truly unusual compositions and is an absolute ton of fun if you can live with a MFD that is less than 1cm from the front element.

You certainly could use the Laowa 12mm in EF mount and an EF mount shift adapter, that would actually be a better choice than the 15 as a replacement for the 17 TS-E (I mention the 15 solely because I own it and have experience with it, I bought it for my FF Nikon DSLR).

You can't stack adapters to do this with your Fuji lenses though. They don't have enough image circle to make a shift adapter worthwhile anyways, you really need a lens with FF coverage to make this viable (no EF-S lenses for example, only EF)

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