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Did the Q-button (that display the Quick menu to  view or change the options selected
for frequently used menu items) work with the previous firmware (1.01?) in Your X-T4?
Is it maybe some answer on this problem in the X-T4 user manual?
If not maybe a firmware problem?
If not maybe a hardware (button?) problem?

Try redefine what button is used as Q-button and see if then works? Redefine to another then defalt button to right of Rear command dial.


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I noticed a small yellow padlock displayed on LCD which is active when "controls have been locked"

To use this lock feature press and hold the Menu/OK button to activate and/or deactivate.

I switched it off and the Q button now works !!!!!!!

How it was switched on is a mystery to me but at least Q is now working.


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Thanks so much! My Q button was usable the day I bought my new Xt4 then whilst I was playing with the settings I disabled it somehow and didn't know what I'd done. You just made my day since I hadn't been able to work out how to get it back. I had noticed the lock on also but hadn't looked thru the manual yet to see what it was. 

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