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What should the successor of the X100T be like

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It would probably make the body the same size as an X-Pro2 then as there might not be enough space in the X100T given that it is a lot smaller than the X-Pro. Also, asking for redundancy for street photography is kind of silly – this is my very personal opinion. It's like buying a $10k safe to protect a $10 fake pearl necklace for 99.9999% of the cases.


Sorry, it's just my personal opinion that this 99.9999% of street photography are shots where someone holds a camera at a random street scene and to make it look hip puts a b&w, high contrast and high detail filter on it. Oh, and that includes my own. 

You point is valid to a degree. Just because I say "street photographers want redundancy as well" - I suppose for me, that is generally how i refer to the way I use my camera.


truth be told, I enjoy cycling (love Suffolk and north Essex) and always carry a camera with me, because some on the views are stunning. On such trips I also carry a very compact tripod with cable release and a Lee Filter kit for those moments you want to record or images you want to create.


With such trips - it would be nice to have that redundancy, because often the views will not repeat themselves in a hurry, and having that extra card covers the various issues that can go awry whilst out cycling.


Through all my digital photography, the only 2 things I've never had the pleasure of a decent A/F and dual memory card for redundancy. I have had a couple of card failures, hence my desire, and I've always used either Canon 5D2's (crap A/F) or the X-Pro 1 (A/F good under certain conditions).


The X100T has certainly given me what I desire (or at least a huge improvement) with A/F - so it only leaves me to wish for a dual memory card slot.


As people come to appreciate the importance of digital dat, I suspect many more will also desire dal memory card facilities as well. Easier than trying to hook up to cloud data via a smart phone - for now. 

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I got a crazy idea (just mine maybe <_< ).

I would like to have dedicated button/slide open or close the the electronic screen.

So when it close the view finder will be EVF and if open it will be OVF and it will not change when on/off the camera.


Now that you say it.

That is one thing that really gets me. When is EVF mode, why does the screen always have to go up and down when I take the camera from my eye. I think this happens when I use the screen and evf with the eye sensor.

Will have to check later on.


None the less. When in evf mode why not leave the screen up all the time.

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Make it f/1.4 for the hell of it. I imagine the lens could still be sufficiently small for little-to-no viewfinder blockage.

Nope, it will be a bit shorter than the XF lens but will be just as wide. It might not block the viewfinder but it would certainly make the camera a lot bigger and harder to slide in a pocket.


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Nope, it will be a bit shorter than the XF lens but will be just as wide. It might not block the viewfinder but it would certainly make the camera a lot bigger and harder to slide in a pocket.


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My comment was in response to val's: "X-Pro2 with a fixed and updated 23mm F2."  Which assumes the body size of an X-Pro2.  Make two branches of x100t successors: one in the original size, and one with the proportions, weather-sealing, shutter, etc. of the X-Pro2.  For my purposes, I'd buy the smaller one as a backup.

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I'd expect the updates to the X-Pro (sensor, AF, weather sealing), possibly a new lens which is the same focal length but slightly improved sharpness, crop mode from the X70, all in a very similar package. What won't it have? Full frame sensor, dual card slots, W126 battery, 24mm equivalent converter, and probably no tilt screen.

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1)      Improve focus speed.  

2)      Weather seal

3)      Quick focus button change.  Currently if you select manual focus, and press ael/afl button, it do the quick focus.  But why use ael/afl button.  Simply use the shutter button. Hold half press shutter button -> quick focus, then fine tune with the ring. 

4)      Full time EVF option.  I do not mind hybid like now.  But please give me an option to do full time EVF.  There are a few times the IR sensor can not sense my eye/face.  

5)      Filter threads.  I use polarizer very often.  I have to attach a ring then polarizer very troublesome.  With hood on, it is virtually not possible to adjust the polarizer.

6)      Smaller, I would like carry X100T all the time but it is just too big.   X70 is a smaller, but it is a 28mm lens. (Sorry I do not like cropping, cause I do prints)  Why don’t fuji make a X80 with 35mm lens.  I believe the lens module from X100T will fit X70.  with some software changes and it will work.   :D , however, it is hard to put the 28mm lens to X100T cause the OVF angle is fixed for 35mm.

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1.   Tiltable screen 3" in size. Just like on the X-T1
Good point. But If that make camera width larger no need..

2.   24 MP APS-C size Sensor with phase detect points across the complete sensor
Not necessary. I wish better low light over pixel count. I want to work with quality few pixels. Why stress editing system when my work is for web only. 16px is enough. May be 18px

3.   Keep the 23mm f/2 lens but don´t stop at f/16 but go to f/22 but try and get it a tack sharper at f/2
It has ND filter. F/2 should be sharper than current specially in macro mode. 


4.   Now this is one which I think could start a discussion. The OVF/EVF. I could easily go along with just an EVF but with a larger magnification
EVF should be improved. If they go in your they can keep a nice EVF view finder like X-T1

5.   Better AF in low light. 

6.   Better dynamic range
More never hurt.

7.   Include the lens hood   :D
Not important to me

8.   Native ISO of 50
Not important to me

9.   Weather sealing but not the mushy buttons as on the X-T1 first generation
Good suggestion. At least weather resistant. 

10.  mmmhhh, I think that is all that I can think of at the moment.

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