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I can't turn off film simulation bracketing on Fuji GFX50R! Help!

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I have acquired a Fuji GFX 50R on a long term loan. I love it, it's a great system. Somehow though, I have switched on a film simulation bracket, and I can't seem to switch it off! No matter what I do, it takes three images every time I shoot. I can vary the types of film simulation it does, but I can't get it to just take one! Any ideas? Help much appreciated, in advance! 

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This is indeed a peculiarity of Fujifilm cameras. There are two places that control bracketing. In the menu under SHOOTING SETTINGS you can select which film simulations you choose for bracketing. The bracketing itself should be switched off with the DRIVE button on the top plate of the camera (just in front of the shutter speed dial). Switch that to single and there's no bracketing anymore.

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