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I Cant Update my Firmware Version

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Hello Everyone, hope anyone can help me. Is there anyone here saving the previous firmware version of Fujifilm XT2. I suspected that i cant update my Fujifilm from version 1.35 to the latest version. The error message always appears. I want to try the version 2. firmware first or try the version 3. If you have saved it. can you send it to me via wetransfer. 

I followed the steps on updating the firmware. i really need to fixed this because i want to use it on x webcam.


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29 minutes ago, Olaf W. said:

I doubt that this is a version problem. You rather downloaded a firmware for another model or region.

i am sure that i downloaded the xt2 firmware. but is it depend on the region. will try to research for it. :) i will have it updated in service center if no solutions on my research. thank you! my only reason is i cant use the new xwebcam software. thanks for your reply :)

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My fujifilm XT2 has the firmware 1.35 version, and I couldn't update it to any firmware of the XT2 firmware listed in the fujifilm website.

I've tried multiple times as well as downloading in diff regions too... Still having the same error "This firmware is not for this model"

though I'm 100% sure that I did the same procedure of firmware updating.

This is the first time I encounter this...

BTW... I have XE1/Pro1/XH1/XT3/XT2 only this XT2 with this firmware ver 1.35 has this issue,

.. I just recently acquired this camera and based on my research, this is a pre production beta firmware.

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