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Some photos with a Fujifilm camera...

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The first photo below of a church is one of hundreds photos I took today that is just to send to recycle bin. It was taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 camera in bright sunsine (the sun is behind me).
It is a mystery why the quality in so bad on this photo (and on hundred others I took same day in bright sunshine).
Compare to a photo I took with my iPhone some days earlier on same church.
I have some homework to do on the X-T4 camera usage obviously.
Not all photos had bad quality I took today with my X-T4, see one example in last photo below, but it is not so sharp really and it is too dark also.




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I had the front switch (Focus mode selector) selected to M (not S or C). I Have changed it to S now since that is what I take photos of now (stationary objects). Do You have any suggestion how to get not so dark photos ? (even in sunshine the photos are little too dark for my taste, I have used Photoshop to brighten them up so far)

Yes, I think it must have been a focus problem so that the camera did not focused properly. Some photos are actually rather nice so I know this camera can take great photos but the sharpness has so far not been there but I'm sure it is because of me not understanding optimal setting for the camera yet for various situations. I'm learning... :). This camera has so much settings, like an airline cockpit :)
Have patience with me, I have never used a Fujifilm camera before.

Thanks for the comment mdm.

So this is from the X-T4 user manual - I do read the manual, but I do not understand all in it, yet :)
Focus mode selector on front on the X-T4:

S (AF-S, Auto Focus S)
Single AF: Focus locks while the shutter button is pressed halfway.
Choose for stationary subjects.

C (AF-C)
Continuous AF: Focus is continually adjusted to reflect changes in the distance to the subject while the shutter button is pressed halfway.
Use for subjects that are in motion.

M (manual)
Manual: Focus manually using the lens focus ring. Choose for manual control of focus or in situations in which the camera is unable to focus using autofocus (P 76).

• Regardless of the option selected, manual focus will be used when the lens is in manual focus mode.
• If ON is selected for G AF/MF SETTING > PRE-AF, focus will be adjusted
continuously in modes S and C even when the shutter button is not pressed

Page 76:
Manual Focus
Adjust focus manually.
1 Rotate the focus mode selector to M. MF will appear in the display.
2 Focus manually using the lens focus ring. Rotate the ring left to reduce the focus distance, right to increase.
3 Take pictures.

• Use [Wrench] BUTTON/DIAL SETTING > FOCUS RING to reverse the direction of rotation of the focus ring.
• Regardless of the option selected, manual focus will be used when the lens is in manual focus mode.

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3 hours ago, bem said:

any suggestion how to get not so dark photos ? (even in sunshine the photos are little too dark for my taste, I have used Photoshop to brighten them up so far)

Hi Bo, You may lighten the image with exposure compensation dial using ETTR technique (check google/youtube if you are not familiar with it) and fine tune the final exposure in post processing.

Regarding your camera setup there are a lot of videos and articals like this one -


I know it takes time by finally you sorted it out.

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I took some photos of the white church in my town today, see below.
I have all settings set to Auto. 

I had the camera set to Autofocus mode S (Single, for stationary objects).

The photos are not fuzzy but not sharp really. And way to dark. The trees was beautifully green when I watched them with my eyes but in the photo it is all black. It is a mystery to me why the photos are so dark. I can quarantee if I had taken same photos with my iPhone it would have been great photos, sharp and vibrant colors.
I suppose I'm on the right track. But I have more problems with my X-T4 now . The LCD was dead when I was out taking the shoots. Later when I came home and it had rested a while the LCD worked again. It is a mystery also to me. There is also a freeze problem with my X-T4 so at random all buttons and dials do not work anymore. I have to take battery out and insert it again and turn on camera, then it works again. Fujifilm support here in Sweden said to me to send it in to reseller for warranty replacement.
Regards, Bo



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Which ever program you used to process these images stripped out the useful EXIF data (the settings the camera used when taking the shots); there is not much information left other than you used a HP computer with a CRT running Microsoft OS software.

While you can try to adjust the luminance values, it sounds like you already have the correct answer, ---- swap the camera body out for a new one.

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I used Photoshop Elements 2018 to make the JPG (fine) smallar in seize and little compresson so I was under the 1MB limit for attachment in a post here. Windows 10 in use here. The RAW files is as dark as the JPG files. I know I can, and should, process RAW files in a suitable application to adjust photo so it looks better but I just do not have time to do that with all photos I usually take. I want reasonably good photos with sharpness and not so dark directly from the camera. If I need to adjust some photos I do not mind but in this case it is so damn dark photos it make no sense. My iPhone takes much much better photos then my X-T4 for sure. I suppose it is something wrong with my X-T4. At least I'm unable to figure out why Auto settings, at mostly clear sky outside, can not produce a photo with normal sharpness and colors (not so dark).
I have to consider if I will return the X-T4 and buy another brand similar camera (I can do that) or get another new in box X-T4 on warranty. As You probably can understand I have not so much faith in an X-T4 camera anymore.
Here links to the RAW files on the white church if You want to have a look at them:




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Is this closer to what you had in mind? This is a very fast edit to recover the shadow information.


There are several things to consider. As has been mentioned, the images were underexposed, probably due to the metering (it is set to be the most banal setting imaginable -- one that most folks change). Exposing on the bright building or the sky will make the trees go very dark.

In reading the various posts you have placed, it seems that some of what you are encountering is the newness of the system -- getting used to something different and what you need to do to get the best out of the equipment. Truly these are not cell phones, but if you put the effort in, you will be able to get images that cell phone cameras (at the time of this writing) are not able to capture.

But some of what you have described sounds like there is an issue with that particular body. While there is a menu setting that lets you turn the lcd on and off -- so that you only get information through the view finder, or automatically change it as your eye comes up to the view finder -- it does not just run off for a while then turn back on. You have to do that through the menu settings.

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One more thing I've noticed is that Exposure Compensation set to 0.0 and the time of shooting was 22:06. May be it's just to dark outside already?


I checked an ambient light at 22:00 outside my window. It's pitch darkness. Man, try to take some pix at noon.

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I took the photos of the church at 8 PM in the evening - watch the clock just under on the church tower! It was rather good light conditions I can tell You. Any normal camera should cope with such light conditions. The Nordic light up here in Sweden at this time of year in evenings are rather bright I can tell You.
I have returened my X-T4 (including the lens) now on recommendation from Fujifilm Nordic support because they think it is some problem with the camera hardware.
I had my X-T4 for 6 days and I took photos each day. I had freeze problems every day, the buttons and dials including On/Of switch did not work then, only way out of the situation was to take out the battery and insert it again and turn the camera On, then it worked again. All photos I took, several hundreds, are very dark, even in bright sunshine in ideal conditions (in my opinion).
Yesterday the LCD was dead while I took photos for some hours, I had to use the viewfinder instead.
Enough is is enough.
I'm new to Fujifilm as You can understand, and I tried the Autosettings (best for a newbie on a Fujifilm camera, like me).
If a camera can not produce a reasonably good quality photo with Auto settings on good light conditions outside that maybe say someting about my X-T4? I'm not a photographer. But I'm trying to learn more. I have read the X-T4 user manual but I do not understand all (of course). 
But thanks for Your time and advice mdm.


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