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Fuji 18 f/2: Soft as warm jello - Bad unit?


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Hey guys!


I'm new to the forum.  I had an X100s, x10, and now I have an X-T10.  I originally bought a 35 1/4 with the camera and man, couldn't be happier with that lens.  Lots of detail, tack sharp.  Two days ago I got a 18mm.  I'm not sure if I got a bad copy or something but the images are about as soft as warm jello, even stopped down to 5.6, the centers are just not sharp.  JPEG's seem to look a little sharper than the RAW images which also seems odd to me and the aperture ring doesn't feel quite as solid as the one on my 35 1.4.  I read review after review and every says the 18 is sharp at 2.8, or comparable to the 35.  Do you all think it's a bad copy or just softer than I'm used to with the 35 or my x100s?



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Thanks for the replies guys, what's the best way to post a pic here?


I upload the full res JPG to Flickr, and post from there using the Share arrow. For posting on forums you want to use the BBCode.


I like Flickr because most forums don't have a hard time resizing it, the mobile app makes it easy to download a photo to my phone to share on Instagram, and on the computer you can download multiple resolutions (small, medium, large, and full res). I use that as a quick fix for when I need to resize a photo to meet upload limits.


I have the 18mm and have never had an issue with its sharpness, other than when looking at the entire frame for a landscape (I really need to get a better landscape lens :lol:). To me it seems more or less as sharp as the 35 in the centre - definitely at normal viewing sizes.

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