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Case for X-T4....?

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I have a X-T4 and I have a Think Tank Turnstyle 5 V2.0 "sling bag". This one:
I have this lens on my X-T4: XF 16-80 mm F4 R OIS WR.
I can with some effort squeeze the X-T4 with the lens mouned in the bag and with some effort get the zipper closed.
At present I will use the lens I have, I will probably not buy any longer lens now but maybe a macro lens later.
I prefer a sling bag. Is it maybe a Think Tank Turnstyle 10 V2.0 I need (I have not tried it). Or is it any other suitable out there?

Also is there any Fujifilm case for X-T4? I have not seen any. Like it is available for X-T3, this one:

Is there anything similar for the X-T4 from any other manufacturer then Fujifilm?


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I'm also looking for good bag suggestions, i'm about to pull the trigger on buying the T4 and just want to get everything in place re accessories etc, so it all comes at same time.

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