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real-time exposure display with manual lens

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What real-time exposure display options are available with manual lenses?  I am investigating Fuji, with an X-T1 and a manual lens (no contacts).  I want to see what ISO and SS my camera has chosen, with the current lens settings.  (I would also like to use program shift to change the ISO/SS combination up or down.)  There may just be some setting somewhere that I didn't think applied to this?  I have turned on all the display options and have tried the different displays, but no ISO or SS displayed unless I manually set them, or if I depress the shutter [but that's not real-time, as I change the aperture ring].  I have the newest firmware, and I have reset my camera's settings several times, so almost all my settings should be at the defaults.

I am very used to Olympus OM-D E-M1.  On my OM-D camera, as I reduce the aperture on the lens, I see my ISO 200 / SS 1/30 move, maybe to 200 & 1/15.  Then if I move it further, maybe this time it changes the ISO to 400 and keeps the SS at 1/15... but I see it all change as I move the aperture.  If there's no clicks then I see it make minute even fractional changes to ISO & SS.  Program shift via the front dial will also change the ISO/SS up and down.

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I use MF lenses on my X-E2 (the same firmware as X-T1) and have no problem with that. If some particular ISO value selected then SS calculated instantly and displayed on the screen in real-time, if ISO set to AUTO then SS displayed ONLY when shutter button is half-pressed. The ISO value is always on the screen as well.

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@mdm, I understand what you're saying.  You're saying that if you have ISO & SS set to Auto then it only displays SS when you half-press.  Same here.  But if I change the ISO to 1600 (just picked that value now), it's the same behavior: I can change the aperture, but the display doesn't change.  I.e.: it's not real-time, but rather the SS is displayed only when I half-press.  

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yeah, @mdm, that is what I want.  I don't get the SS showing when I move aperture or move my hand in front of the lens.  Also, when I press half-way down, my SS is in blue, whereas yours is in white.  Does the color signify something?  A quick Google search isn't telling me what the color means.

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I found it out right after I posted, @mdm...

DR-AUTO.   I'm not used to shooting with JPEGs, but they're so professional with Fuji, that I've been experimenting with DR100, DR200, DR400, and DRauto on almost every shot.  When I'm done, I leave it at what I think is the default (DR-AUTO) and that messes it up.  For some reason, the camera cannot determine which sensitivity is best to push (or not push at DR100) and provide me with realtime shutter speed choices.  I'm guessing the camera has to do the 2x push and 4x push many times a second when it's in DRauto, and it's just too much for the CPU.   @#$%

Sorry that took me so long... I guess when I was experimenting with DR400 etc.., that I was only looking at the areas of the screen that are commonly blown out, rather than looking at the numbers at the bottom... yet when I was experimenting with the dials (I'm new to Fuji... used to soft controls) I was only looking at the numbers.  Tunnel vision.

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